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Hiatus and Planning Ahead

I really am thrilled with how well this project is going this time around.  A month and a half in my motivation is still strong and the thought of finishing the damned thing feels more and more real every day. That being said, in terms of posting new content this week I am taking a short […]

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Making it Happen

When we are children things simply happen.  For most of us, hot meals appear several times a day and each night a safe, warm bed awaits us.  We do not ask how or even why these things occur, simply take for granted that they do and will.  All of our needs are met while we are blissfully […]

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One Glorious Month

Somehow an entire month has passed since I started (well, re-started) this project.  It was a little terrifying to commit to finishing it publicly but I haven’t regretted it.  Now as I’m working away at revamping Chapter Six I want to take a little time to reflect on how this month has gone and where […]

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