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100,000 Words and a Lofty Goal

Well, this is a first.  I’m getting my Tuesday process post in just under the wire tonight.  My work schedule changed this week on account of an annual facility maintenance shutdown, and I’m enjoying my afternoons and evenings at home.  My writing schedule is shot to hell though.  I don’t mind.  I said before Thanksgiving this […]

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A Tangible End and Running Shoes

I seriously considered letting today pass without one of my usual Tuesday posts about the process.  Truthfully I don’t have a lot to write about at the moment.  I haven’t read any more inspiring books and I’m not struggling with how to convey this or that idea.  In fact, I’m not struggling at all, and thats […]

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The Price of Salt

Ten days after my twenty-fifth birthday—Thursday, July 18, 2009—I woke up early and headed to work as usual.  I expected it to be just another day in a string of extremely long summer days—I run the aquatics portion of our summer camp and typically my days are thirteen hours long at this time of year.  […]

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