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As humans, some of the greatest gifts we can give each other are respect, compassion, friendship, and love (kind of in that order).  None of us exist in a vacuum, and while we often choose to divide ourselves superficially along the lines of gender, age, race, sexual orientation, spirituality, politics, etc. we are ultimately more the same than we are different.

Think of it this way—If an alien civilization showed up tomorrow with the intent to eradicate humankind, do you think we’d care about things like black and white?  Gay or straight?  Democrat or Republican?  No way!  We’d band together and take on the threat because, well. . .

We’re the same!

With everything going on in the news lately I’ve been thinking about this a lot.  Its a good subject for a longer post at a later time—maybe another allegory like earlier this week.  But its Friday, and I thought I’d end this week the same way I did the last, with a little music!

If you’ve never heard of Delta Goodrem, you’re in for a treat.  I was introduced to this stunning Australian songstress by a friend way back in 2003, and its been love ever since!  Maybe you’d even call me a super-fan; I’ve got all her albums, a couple DVDs, and I still import each of her singles on CD (yeah, she actually puts out CD singles and they sell).  What can I say?  Given her unfortunately limited exposure in America its something of a private pleasure, but it makes me happy.

I could go on, especially about her amazing story (she’s a cancer survivor) but I might save that for a later post.  Suffice it to say she’s awesome.

I chose this song from her latest album Wings of the Wild [Amazon] [Apple Music] [Spotify] because it reflects the sentiment in the opening of this post, and also because my husband happens to love it!  Its a song about friendship, about being there for one another, and overcoming obstacles together.

So give it a listen, and as the weekend unfolds, I hope you’ll consider our mutual humanity—our sameness.  Lets all endeavor to be more compassionate, to listen more, and to be there for the people in our lives that mean the most.

As always, thanks for reading.  Your comments are welcomed below.  And if you like the song?  Consider sharing it with the social media buttons that follow.


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