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My name is Gregory Josephs, and I’m an author of LGBT coming of age fiction who spends a lot of time indulging my insatiable curiosity—about everything. I believe in self-love, self-awareness, and that procrastination is the product of an intensely creative mind.

My debut novel The Education of Ryan Gregori is available now in paperback and Kindle editions.

I publish new posts here about twice a week that focus on living authentically. I believe in living in the present and being an active participant in every experience. Through humor, heart, and conversation, I’m sharing my positive world view, and encouraging others to take a second look at themselves and the situations we all find ourselves in.

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Who am I?

Great question! Here’s my bio:

I was born in Wisconsin in the middle of an unusually long, humid heatwave in July of 1984. Though my parents and I moved to northern Colorado a short two years later, I spent many of my summers happily swimming and biking around the lakes and rivers of the Northwoods with my cousins.  During these formative stays I learned to enjoy warm, humid nights, hate the sweltering days, and fall in love with the idea of everything North.

Growing up in the southwest, at some point there was more hot sauce than blood running through my veins.  Early on, my foodie parents instilled a love of Mexican cuisine and anything with peppers. That love continues to this day, and even though I currently live about as far from Mexico as one can get in the lower 48, it’s a rare day that I don’t down a jalapeño.

I’m a foodie too, now, with an unslakable curiosity about how food is made and where it comes from. When I’m not writing, I’m likely in the kitchen fermenting something—bread dough, cheese, sauerkraut, and most recently mead. I have an addiction to cooking magazines, though mostly I skip recipes and cook off the cuff.

During my teenage years, I discovered my loves of swimming, language, and music.  Competing year-round in the pool taught me the discipline I now apply to writing, while my passion for language (especially French) ignited an enduring love-affair with the written and spoken word. Coupled with years of playing flute and piccolo, I started studying music theory, and by the age of fifteen was a prolific songwriter, enjoying a modest amount of fame in my living room.

After High School, I worked full time as an aquatics manger while double-majoring in music composition and French.  The sudden, dramatic loss of my best friend triggered an initially unsuccessful metamorphosis of self that saw me abandon school and flee to Wisconsin to pick up the pieces. Alone in the Northwoods I discovered that self-love was the true key to happiness.  When a friend invited me to move to Boston, I was unable to resist the allure of the North, and have called Massachusetts home for over a decade.

I continue to swim and write music, but now the written word has emerged as my true passion.

Alongside my photographer husband, I regularly collect antique pieces of fiestaware and sip whiskey while entertaining our rambunctious cats. I can’t imagine a better life.

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