How To Become an Accident(al) Farm Hand

Call it the butterfly effect.  Call it whatever you like; sometimes life’s seemingly insignificant twists and turns carry a big impact.  If you’d told me two years ago I’d be spending one day a week on a farm, I’d have said you’re crazy.  But accidents happen, and sometimes they result in pounds of tomatoes and enough sweet potatoes to last until spring.

• • •

“Hold the Beetles and Stale Peeps” or Lessons from Campari—Part 2

In a world so often defined by the mundane and ordinary, sometimes it’s important the mix things up, act boldly, and endeavor to live (and taste) in full, vibrant color!  Red, to be specific!  It’s been a week since my first post outlining four things I learned from Campari, the bitter crimson liqueur from Italy. I’m going to wrap up my musings on the subject with a further five lessons I gleaned from the drink championed by the likes of Lady Gaga and Tennessee Williams.  So, without further ado. . .

• • •

“Lady Gaga and Tennessee Williams Are Doing It” or Lessons from Campari—Part 1

Q: What’s bright red, bitter, alcoholic, filled with the crushed exoskeletons of insects (formerly) and wisdomHINT: Its not your Aunt Lydia.

A: Campari; the greatest, most divisive spirit you may have never heard of.

Piggybacking off the wild success of my little series of Things I Learned from Sauerkraut, I’ve decided to continue the theme for the Wednesday installment of my blog.  So without further ado, here are Four Things I’ve Learned from Campari, with another six to follow next week.

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