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Something Else. . . Returning to The Cranberries

The Cranberries released their new retrospective acoustic album Something Else this morning.  It’s the 90’s band’s first release since 2012, so to celebrate, I’m featuring a track and taking a little walk down Memory Lane for this week’s Things I Love. Alien Sound in an Alien Landscape I remember pretty clearly when I first became […]

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Almost. . .

Have you ever been caught between a really great dream and the fear of turning it into reality?  Have you resolved yourself to a certain situation only to be disturbed by a sudden gust of hope that, maybe, you’d rather hadn’t come along?  I wrote about the first question a couple weeks ago, but today’s installment […]

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Come On Come Out. . .

It seems like spring has finally arrived in New England.  Although this is my twelfth April in Massachusetts, I still forget that seasons start about a month later here than they do in the interior where I grew up.  Blame the ocean; it keeps the autumn warm and the springtime cold.  In any case, I […]

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