Air-Conditioning or ‘How I Became Weak’

I used to be tough.  I could weather a heat wave barely breaking a sweat.  Sure, summertime meant a small degree of discomfort, but it was eclipsed by fourth of July fireworks, barbecues, and afternoons at the outdoor pool.  It meant fun, freedom and adventure; it was a season to look forward to, and being hot was just part of the experience. . .

• • •

The Theft of Beauty

Last week in the city of Boston, a theft was committed.  No one was physically injured, and it wasn’t reported to the police.  Most would call it a victimless crime, and the perpetrator probably had good intentions.  Furthermore, even if the offender could be caught, the case would never see the inside of a courtroom, because, well. . .

• • •

Clarity Beyond the Rose Colored Glasses

Everyone has that friend who is positive to a fault.  You know the one I’m talking about; the one who won’t just let you vent without pointing out all the silver linings in your thunder clouds.  Everything is always going to get better.  Hell, it’s not even that bad right now.  Some days the boundless optimism is helpful, and other times you want to rip those horrible pink tinted glasses right off his face and tell him “No!  It really is that bad!  Why won’t you let me wallow in my own misery?”

• • •
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