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Fifty Words for Rain

It is rumored that the Eskimo had fifty words for snow—you know, a word for the big fat flakes, and for the little tiny ones that don’t amount to much, for the driving blizzards and the gentle, sound-muffling windless storms.  I have not independently verified this, but I’d like to believe it’s true. I love […]

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The Siren Song of Nostalgia

Hey, have you met my friend Nostalgia?  She’s the one over there at the corner of the pool; the one with the pretty face and that sultry voice.  She likes to swim, and if you’re feeling kind of blue—hell, even if you’re feeling pretty great—she’ll invite you in for a dip.  She’s pretty persuasive, so […]

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Horseshoes in the Dark

The silhouette appeared against the cobalt sky for a brief moment before announcing its arrival with a muted thud on the grass.  A pair of smartphone flashlights flicked on, searching the lawn; there it was, embarrassingly far from the stake, even by our meager standards. “No points from that one.” Brian said as he retrieved […]

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