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Transcends Genre

". . . A love song to self-acceptance. Ryan’s voice is honest and raw and completely relatable."
- Erin ( review)

Must Read

"If you are currently in a life change this book will make you feel like you are not alone on the path of bettering yourself."

- Morgan ( review)

An Authentic Coming-of-Age Novel

". . . There are very real moments of friendship, love, and loss present throughout. . . "
- Hayley ( review)

In the wake of tragedy, a young gay man navigates friendship, heartbreak, betrayal, and grief. 

When 19-year-old Ryan walks away from a car accident and is forced out of his dream apartment on the same night, he feels his life spinning out of control. Just when it seems he's regained his footing, the sudden death of Darren, his best friend and crush, sends him reeling toward a harsh realization: in order to survive his new world, he'll have to leave the naïve, cautious version of himself behind.

With the help of sexy former rival Brandon, and spicy coworker Meredith, Ryan embarks on a journey of self-discovery and reinvention. But as he navigates friendship, heartbreak, betrayal, and grief, he might just burn more bridges than he builds. All of it begs the question: 

Will he emerge from his metamorphosis as a butterfly? Or a hideous moth?

Ryan's education is ultimately a story about striving to be more than the sum of one's experiences, while searching for the most elusive type of love: the kind that comes from within.

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