Announcing ‘The Arousal of Danger’

Its been forever!  Although I haven’t updated this website in a while I’ve been almost constantly active working to find an agent and/or publisher for my novel The Education of Ryan Gregori.  There have been some highs and lows with that process and it remains ongoing.  That’s a topic for another post, however.  Don’t worry—if you’ve been following my progress with this project I hope to have lots of news soon.

• • •

Irons in the Fire of my Thirty-Third Year

I’ve just completed another trip around the sun.  Sometimes its hard to believe I’ve made that journey thirty-two times already.  Sometimes I’m shocked its only been thirty-two.  Indeed, these last two years I’ve accomplished so much.  Its no wonder I’ve started wishing there were twenty-seven hours in a day.  To briefly reflect, at thirty my husband and I pulled off a wedding and bought a condo.  At thirty-one I finally finished TEORG.  Now thirty-two is here and I am laser-focused at attaining one elusive, crowning achievement—

• • •

A Place to End

Early this afternoon—at about 12:15pm—I had an experience that I’ll never have again in my entire life.  I embraced it calmly, perhaps unable to react because it didn’t seem real.  Truthfully, as I write this about an hour later, it still hasn’t sunk in.  I’m guessing later on it will—the realization growing as the day progresses.  Maybe I’ll feel it this evening when I pop open a bottle of champagne. Its not that I’m not excited.  I am excited!  And I’m happy.  It just doesn’t yet seem—real.

• • •
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