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The Drink of Gods and Champions?

This weekend American Gods, based on the acclaimed novel by Neil Gaiman, will air its long-awaited premiere on STARZ.  To celebrate, I’ll be raising a glass of mead. For those unfamiliar with the novel, the premise is awesome; each time a group of people have come to America, they’ve brought their Gods with them.  Even […]

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“Lady Gaga and Tennessee Williams Are Doing It” or Lessons from Campari—Part 1

Q: What’s bright red, bitter, alcoholic, filled with the crushed exoskeletons of insects (formerly) and wisdom?  HINT: Its not your Aunt Lydia. A: Campari; the greatest, most divisive spirit you may have never heard of. Piggybacking off the wild success of my little series of Things I Learned from Sauerkraut, I’ve decided to continue the […]

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