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It’s Okay to Exist Without an Objective

When is the last time you unplugged, completely? Can you remember a day when you weren’t leashed to your phone or a computer screen? Has there been an instance in recent memory when you took all your obligations, put them on a raft, and set them adrift? Have you allowed yourself to just—float? Me either. […]

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Clarity Beyond the Rose Colored Glasses

Everyone has that friend who is positive to a fault.  You know the one I’m talking about; the one who won’t just let you vent without pointing out all the silver linings in your thunder clouds.  Everything is always going to get better.  Hell, it’s not even that bad right now.  Some days the boundless […]

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One Glorious Month

Somehow an entire month has passed since I started (well, re-started) this project.  It was a little terrifying to commit to finishing it publicly but I haven’t regretted it.  Now as I’m working away at revamping Chapter Six I want to take a little time to reflect on how this month has gone and where […]

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