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It’s Okay to Exist Without an Objective

When is the last time you unplugged, completely? Can you remember a day when you weren’t leashed to your phone or a computer screen? Has there been an instance in recent memory when you took all your obligations, put them on a raft, and set them adrift? Have you allowed yourself to just—float? Me either. […]

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5 Ways to Appear More Athletic

In a society where so much emphasis is put on obtaining the perfect beach body, those without the time, motivation, or genetics to get one can feel. . . left behind. If you’re in this camp, fear not! It’s October now, and it’s your time to shine! Now that all the bikinis and cute, tiny […]

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Wisdom in a Whoopie Pie

Sometimes simple is best. Often, less is more. These are important life lessons that are easy to forget. But once in a while, the universe reminds us in the strangest ways. Sometimes, wisdom comes in the form of decadent, creamy brilliance packed between a pair of domed, luscious cakes. An Unexpected Treat I hadn’t thought […]

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Ten Ways to Love the Autumn

At my house, the last day of summer is a joyous occasion, but for others it’s a harbinger of dread. As my (northern hemisphere) friends step with me into The Dark Half of the Year, here are some tips and tricks to get as much joy out of the autumn as I do. Summer is […]

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