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Wisdom in a Whoopie Pie

Sometimes simple is best. Often, less is more. These are important life lessons that are easy to forget. But once in a while, the universe reminds us in the strangest ways. Sometimes, wisdom comes in the form of decadent, creamy brilliance packed between a pair of domed, luscious cakes. An Unexpected Treat I hadn’t thought […]

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The Siren Song of Nostalgia

Hey, have you met my friend Nostalgia?  She’s the one over there at the corner of the pool; the one with the pretty face and that sultry voice.  She likes to swim, and if you’re feeling kind of blue—hell, even if you’re feeling pretty great—she’ll invite you in for a dip.  She’s pretty persuasive, so […]

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Something Else. . . Returning to The Cranberries

The Cranberries released their new retrospective acoustic album Something Else this morning.  It’s the 90’s band’s first release since 2012, so to celebrate, I’m featuring a track and taking a little walk down Memory Lane for this week’s Things I Love. Alien Sound in an Alien Landscape I remember pretty clearly when I first became […]

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