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“And You Moved HERE?”

Do you ever feel like your life would be so much better if you could just. . . Live somewhere else? People should be free to move wherever they like, but there is a danger: sometimes when we’re busy dreaming of ditching our boring old neighborhoods, we miss what’s all around us. Take a second […]

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Clarity Beyond the Rose Colored Glasses

Everyone has that friend who is positive to a fault.  You know the one I’m talking about; the one who won’t just let you vent without pointing out all the silver linings in your thunder clouds.  Everything is always going to get better.  Hell, it’s not even that bad right now.  Some days the boundless […]

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Throwing Tantrums in my Head

How do you deal with frustration?  Let’s be honest; it’s an inevitable part of being human.  Whether you’re trying to assemble IKEA furniture, your day isn’t going the way you imagined, or someone is failing to understand your point in an argument, sources of frustration abound! And frustration is. . . frustrating!  The desire to […]

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