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Ten Ways to Love the Autumn

At my house, the last day of summer is a joyous occasion, but for others it’s a harbinger of dread. As my (northern hemisphere) friends step with me into The Dark Half of the Year, here are some tips and tricks to get as much joy out of the autumn as I do. Summer is […]

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Living Seasonally

There is a packet of nasturtium seeds in the junk drawer in my kitchen.  Early in the morning or late at night, when the house is quiet, I can hear them calling out to me.  Their voices are soft, but powerful; they speak of growth, potential, and the glories of a long, golden summer.  They […]

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She Was in the Field Counting Stars. . .

In our noisy society, music is too often relegated to background noise—to accompaniment.  But once in a while a song stands up and demands more—it consumes us, becoming both external and visceral.  It’s arresting.  We have no choice but to stop, listen, and be eclipsed.  For this week’s installment of Things I Love, I’ve got one of these songs […]

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