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The Harvest – Why Produce Was the Least Important Thing I Got from the Farm

I thought I was depressed about the vegetables. Turns out it was something else entirely, and the solution was simple. It starts with showing up. Goodnight, Earth Though I haven’t written much about it this season, long-time readers and Twitter followers may remember that I’ve been working one morning a week as a farm hand […]

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It’s Okay to Exist Without an Objective

When is the last time you unplugged, completely? Can you remember a day when you weren’t leashed to your phone or a computer screen? Has there been an instance in recent memory when you took all your obligations, put them on a raft, and set them adrift? Have you allowed yourself to just—float? Me either. […]

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At last, I’ve come up for air.  Oh, how sweet it tastes!  I’ve felt my lungs burning—bursting with the spent carbon dioxide of a summer of toil—and here, finally, is my grand exhale.  And as I float here on the other side of my recent travails, I know this long, hypoxic journey was worth it.  […]

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